About Me

This is a short description of me and my Interests.

So who am I? As you probably know by now I am Jari Merikanto.
I’m a father to three girls and have three major areas of interest:
Destination – High Coast, Sweden
Business Development
Web Development – SEO, UX, CRO

I love to travel and have recently lived in Malta to work in Igaming. Now I work from Sweden towards that same segment. It is a high competitive segment with fantastic people and companies. Emotional, cultural and climate differences makes the everyday life so much more fun but also so much more hard to live with or without.

Being able to communicate with my friends, family and beloved ones makes the life easier.
Exchanging thoughts and moments with images, text, sound and video is a great way to feel presence over the web. Of course you can never feel that hug or physical sensation of contact or any other sense like smell and taste. But it is a great substitute and that is why a web presence is important to me privately.

Professionally the web presence helps me to get new contacts and connecting with interesting people. Keeping contact with clients or suppliers over the world is also so much easier with the same tools as for my personal communication.